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Virtual Passes Are Now Available

Was traveling to Miami for the Sellers Summit 2016 just not an option for you this year?

passesWhat if you could catch ALL the conference sessions at your convenience without any travel expenses or the need to replicate yourself? The good news is now you can!

We’re happy to announce the Virtual Ticket to the Sellers Summit 2016!

For a fraction of the cost of a regular ticket, you’ll get full access to the recording of EVERY session. Yes, every keynote, all the breakouts, workshops and every great session–the ones people travel thousands of miles to see–will be at your fingertips.

With your Virtual Ticket, you’ll have access to the online recordings of everything. You can watch playbacks from your computer, tablet or smartphone at your leisure.

You’ll also be able to interact with your peers via our private Facebook networking group.

Note: Attendees of the physical conference get this at no added cost!

This Is Not Your Ordinary Virtual Pass

We all know that watching recorded videos of a conference is different from physically being there live. For one thing, you can't ask questions. And if there's a concept that you don't understand, there's no way to reach the speaker.

That is why I'm offering an incredible bonus if you purchase a virtual pass by July 15th.

Instead of just watching the conference sessions on video, I'm going to bring the conference directly to you!


I've assembled a group of speakers from the Sellers Summit to give a live Q&A session via Google Hangouts just for virtual pass holders!

In this session, you will have the opportunity to

  • Bring up specific problems you are facing with your ecommerce business and find a solution.
  • Get your ecommerce questions answered by an expert
  • Reinforce the lessons learned from any of the concepts taught in the sessions
  • Interact with some of the biggest names in ecommerce live!

How the Virtual Ticket Works

Studies show people who further their professional development are more successful, reach their business goals faster, enjoy their work more, build better relationships and earn a higher income!

Watch the sessions at your own pace

membershipWhen you register for a Virtual Ticket to the Sellers Summit, a unique ID and password will grant you access to all the session recordings.

You simply login, select the session you’d like to watch and click play. You’ll see the same sessions that live attendees experienced. You can also download a PDF of each slide deck for further study.

Listen to sessions on the go

We’ll also provide downloadable audio MP3 files you can take with you.

This means you can learn while you drive, work out or are on-the-go.

Networking and discussion

The moment you sign up you’ll gain access to a private and exclusive Facebook networking group. There you can connect with peers, help out others and ask questions.

Designed to fit your busy schedule

The Virtual Ticket was created for your convenience. That means we built it to accommodate your busy schedule. You can pick and choose what to watch, whenever you want to.

Not Your Ordinary Conference

The 2016 Sellers Summit offers a curriculum-based experience where you will learn practical, up to date and actionable ecommerce strategies that actually work. And you'll get access to successful entrepreneurs who are deep in the trenches and proficient at their craft.

entrepreneurSSThe main purpose of the conference is for us to teach and for you to learn. I don't even want to call it a conference.
It's more like an intense 2 day workshop.

After all, would you rather come to an event and listen to a bunch of random entrepreneurs tell inspiring stories about their past or would you rather come away with real, actionable strategies that will actually make you money?

The Sellers Summit is the ultimate "ecommerce learning conference" for entrepreneurs where you will get inspired not by stories, but by gaining all of the knowledge required to run your own successful ecommerce business

All of the sessions are...

  • All content, no pitches. This is a content rich event! The objective is to learn...not to buy.
  • Given by expert ecommerce veterans who are proficient at their craft
  • Focused on a specific topic. The training will be delivered in short, 45 – 60 minute modules with ample time allowed for questions and discussions.

The Content Can Be Applied Immediately

As I mentioned above, the main purpose of the Sellers Summit is to learn and not to listen to a bunch of successful entrepreneurs discuss their past successes.

As a result, all of the recorded sessions provide you with practical and actionable content that you can implement immediately to improve your ecommerce business.

For example, Ryan got his money's worth for the entire conference from just a single talk.


Here's what other attendees had to say.

I'm totally new to this. I liked how every speaker kept to practical discussions.

Speaker line up was diverse AND everyone EXCELLENT!!

I loved the fact the speakers were told to give ACTIONABLE action. Not just fluff and theory. Super!!!

Current Pricing

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Full Access HD Video Recordings of EVERY Session
Access To Audio Recordings In MP3 Format
Access To Our Private Facebook Networking Group

LIMITED BONUS: Access To A Live Q&A Session With Select Speakers!

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List Of Conference Sessions

Opening Keynote: What It Takes To Succeed In Ecommerce Today – Steve Chou
Opening keynote with Sellers Summit founder Steve Chou.

How to Find A Profitable Niche to Sell Into - Greg Mercer
Learn what to look for to find a low competition, high demand niche products.
Learn the characteristics of products that make excellent private label candidates and how to
minimize risk when selecting a niche. This session will focus on a big picture strategy for finding private label products on Amazon.

How to Extract Useful Action Items from Your Google Analytics Reports - Kurt Freytag
Sessions, Pageviews, and Bounce Rate are interesting, but they aren’t actionable. In this talk, you’ll learn how Google Analytics can be one of your most powerful profit-making tools. You’ll learn how to set up analytics to measure all of your customers’ e-commerce activity, use customer behavior to maximize conversion, measure the impact of all of your acquisition efforts, convert demand you didn’t know you had, and ensure you have every advantage in SEO.

Advanced Amazon Strategies And Tactics- Daniel Solid
Get advanced strategies on how to leverage Amazon with seasoned seller Daniel Solid. First, Daniel will lay out his action steps for researching, sourcing in Asia or the USA, launching, and scaling products on Amazon. Then, he will lay out the less-discussed recurring back-end platforms, people, and processes you need for your Amazon business to stay healthy. Bring your questions for the Q&A time!

How To Get Your First Sales On Amazon - Scott Voelker
How to use the tools Amazon gives you to optimize your listing to convert better AND the new launch strategy that Amazon Experts are using to get sales moving faster than ever before.

How to Manufacture or Import Your First Product Without Going Broke - Lars Hundley
In the increasingly competitive world of ecommerce, having an exclusive product helps you stand out from the competition and protect your profit margins. In this presentation, Lars Hundley will teach you the basics of helping you find exclusive products you can be proud of, without taking expensive risks. You'll learn about options like importing existing products from other countries, creating private label products or even having a product manufactured from scratch.

Email Marketing Strategies That Convert Into Sales - Drew Sanocki
Learn why email marketing is the #1 way to grow your business. Then Drew will share implementation specifics and outline the five core email campaigns that every online retailer should be using, complete with best practices for implementation. The beauty is that each of the five can be automated, done once and then run on autopilot.

Advanced Google Shopping Ads And How To Run Profitable Campaigns Like A Pro - Steve Chou
One of the highest converting ads that you can run for your online store is Google Shopping. But even though it's very simple to use and setup, most people are doing it incorrectly. In this session, Steve will teach you some non-intuitive tricks to improve the conversion rate of your Google Shopping ads and how to run your campaigns like the pros.

Shipping & Freight Logistics - How To Get Your Goods Directly To Amazon From Asia -
Pam Cail
If you are hesitant about ordering from overseas you'll want to attend this session. Pam Cail from HYC Logistics will cover all the major steps/phases in transporting from supplier to final destination. Topics discussed will include; choices and considerations at each phase, how to get to a shipping vessel, air or ocean, storage, using a distributor and more.

Long Tail Strategies to Rank Your eCommerce Store in Search - Spencer Haws
Learn how to rank your ecommerce website faster and for more search terms using these specifics long tail tactics and strategies. Discover how this simple long tail theory has disrupted industries and continues to be a huge driver of sales and growth across the web and can be particularly critical for brand new businesses.

Amazon Search - How to Play the Game and Win...Be Famous on Amazon - Jeff Cohen
Amazon search is an ever evolving algorithmic. Understand how Amazon search works provides sellers valuable insight into product discover, listing and optimization. In this session we will dive into why Amazon is important, how Amazon search works and actions that a seller can take right now to improve their search position.

Dealing With Copyrights, Trademarks, And Outright Theft On Your Amazon Listings - Jared Stark
This presentation will help ecommerce pros navigate the legalities of selling online. We'll cover the basics of trademarks, copyrights, and liability. Then we'll focus on practical ways to use the law as a sword and a shield: both to stop the theft of your content and to protect yourself from claims of theft or liability made by others.

How To Run Profitable Gmail Ads - A Lesser Known Ad Platform That Converts Sales - Eric Siu
In this presentation, you'll learn how to make a Gmail advertising campaign profitable for your eCommerce business. Business owners are always looking for new channels of growth and this is another exciting channel to take advantage of.

Lessons from $5M in Facebook Ad Spend - Ben Turcotte
This session is all about advertising on Facebook. We will start with the absolute basics of a Facebook ad, go through some core strategies of running an ad campaign and finish with some tips on how to run more efficient and effective campaigns going forward. Points of discussion will include, images, copy, audiences, testing, landing pages and optimization. This session is ideal for someone with beginner to intermediate knowledge of the Facebook Ad platform, looking to learn more.

How To Take Eye Catching And High Converting Photos For Your Online Store - Autumn Wyda
Product photos can be your most powerful sales tool or your biggest barrier when selling online. Learn the creative and analytical thought processes behind shooting and testing high-converting product photos, as well as the tools and techniques required to plan and carry out your own shoot at home.

How To Run High Converting Pinterest Ad Campaigns For Ecommerce - Toni Anderson
Did you know that 88% of people purchase an item they pin and Pinterest shoppers spend an average of 2x more on every purchase than those referred by Facebook? In this session Toni will teach you the best strategies to drive sales from your Pinterest account through organic and paid channels.

Drop Shipping: The Perfect Business Model or An Oversold Pipedream? - Andrew Youderian
Is drop shipping still a viable eCommerce model in today's post-Amazon world? Andrew will share his experience over 8+ years of drop shipping and focus on the must-have attributes of a drop shipping niche, how to find suppliers and how to run a successful drop shipping business. He'll also share his thoughts on the future of the business model, and discuss his recent experience expanding into manufacturing his own products in light of his drop shipping history.