The Ultimate ECommerce Learning Conference

The 2016 Sellers Summit

Miami, Florida - 5.19.2016 - 5.21.2016


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Not Your Ordinary Feel Good Event

At the 2016 Sellers Summit, we're here to teach and for you to learn. In fact, I don't even want to call it a conference.

It's more like an intense 2 day workshop

After all, would you rather come to an event and listen to a bunch of random entrepreneurs tell inspiring stories about their past or would you rather come away with real, actionable strategies that will actually make you money?

What I'm offering to you is the ultimate "ecommerce learning conference" for entrepreneurs where you will get inspired not by stories, but by gaining all of the knowledge required to run your own successful ecommerce business

My goal is to teach you in two days what most people take months, if not years, to achieve.


A Curriculum Based Experience

The 2016 Sellers Summit offers a curriculum-based experience where you will learn practical, up to date and actionable ecommerce strategies that actually work. And you'll have access to successful entrepreneurs who are deep in the trenches and proficient at their craft.

Just imagine coming to an event and having access to a team of experts who will help you

  • Find profitable products to sell online
  • Import or manufacture goods from Asia or source product domestically
  • Improve your Amazon sales
  • Run effective advertising campaigns
  • Develop a high converting website
  • Implement up to date stratgies that are working today
  • Take your existing business from 4-5 figures to 6-7 figures and beyond.

Discover What Actually Works For Your Business

Most people leave a typical business conference with a bunch of marketing strategies and theories. But when they try to implement these theories on their own later on, they fail. Why?

It's because most marketing gurus teach the theory and not the facts. The truth is that marketing "theory" doesn't always translate to sales and every business is going to react differently depending on the strategy

Because the Sellers Summit is a "workshop" based event, you will have the opportunity to test all of the strategies you learn and ask questions DURING the conference itself

This is possible because I'm purposely keeping the event small and intimate to facilitate a small group learning environment. Picture a round table discussion as opposed to a large auditorium of people.

Picture yourself working on your business in real time with an expert sitting at the same table as you.

It's the best way to learn.

What You'll Take Away From The Event

The Sellers Summit will be divided in to 2 main tracks.

If you are a beginner and have no idea where to start, you will leave the Sellers Summit with a product to sell and potential sourcing vendors. You will also come away with all of the necessary steps to get your first sale and a road map for scaling your business

If you're an existing shop owner, you will learn techniques to take your business to the next level whether it be through SEO, social media, PPC advertising, conversion optimization, email marketing or copywriting

You will have the opportunity to hang out with me and my colleagues and let us teach you everything we know about ecommerce


Work During The Day. Play Hard At Night!

While the Sellers Summit is definitely about working hard and learning, it’s also about networking and having fun.

We'll have parties every night starting the day before the summit, and you will not want to miss any of them. Just imagine your favorite ecommerce entrepreneurs hanging out all in one place. It’s an opportunity unlike any other, and it’s your chance to mingle and start making things happen.

Because let's face it. When it comes to business, it’s not just what you know, it's also who you know. And the best way to meet other successful entrepreneurs is in a casual, fun environment where you can strike up a conversation with an ecommerce millionaire, a conversion expert, an Amazon guru or an A-level copywriter.

Who knows? You might even meet your next business partner. For me personally, I've met every single one of my business partners at various conferences I've attended in the past

You'll make connections you never thought were possible, and you'll get both by the end of day 1



More To Be Announced Soon!

Steve Chou (Host)

Founder @

Steve started selling online when his wife wanted to quit her job to stay at home with the kids. He now runs several 6 figure businesses which include an ecommerce store, a blog, a podcast and an ecommerce training class.

Learn More

Scott Voelker

Founder @ The Amazing Seller Podcast
6 Figure Amazon Seller

Scott runs the Amazing Seller podcast, a top 25 business podcast on iTunes, and is known for making 47K in 90 days selling on Amazon. Scott is an incredible teacher and runs his own Amazon selling training class as well.

Learn More

Greg Mercer

CEO @ Jungle Scout
7 Figure Amazon Seller

Greg makes $400K/month selling on Amazon and is also the creator of the popular tool Jungle Scout, the leading Amazon product research tool online. Greg is a master of finding profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Learn More

Toni Anderson

Founder @ Kasai Media
Pinterest Expert
6 Figure Ecommerce Store Owner

Having run Pinterest advertising campaigns for multi-million dollar companies such as and working with brands such as Kraft, Musselmans, Smuckers and Arm & Hammer, today Toni runs her own media company and ecommerce store.

Learn More

Jennifer Chou

Better Half Of
6 Figure Amazon Seller

Jennifer is the better half of the team. Not only does she keep Steve in line but she's also in charge of designing/manufacturing products at, running a warehouse, and managing multiple employees

Learn More

Andrew Youderian

Founder @

Andrew is the founder of the incredibly popular blog/podcast at and a 7 figure dropshipped online store at In addition, he runs a private membership forum catering specifically to ecommerce merchants.

Learn More

Lars Hundley

Founder @

Lars has been selling online since 1998 and is the founder of several 7 figure ecommerce stores. Not only has he been featured in Inc and Entrepreneur magazine but he also owns a YouTube channel with over 4.5 million views and a Facebook page with over 700K fans,

Learn More

Drew Sanocki

Founder @

Drew founded his first ecommerce company,, shortly after receiving his MBA from Stanford and went on to sell it in 2011. Since then, he's started 2 other agencies and consults regularly with Fortune 500 ecommerce companies.

Learn More

Kurt Freytag

Fmr Head Of Product @CrunchBase
Ecommerce Director @The Body Shop
Web Analytics Expert

Former head of product at CrunchBase and the founder of two web tech consulting firms, Kurt is an expert with web analytics and a master of finding insights, trends and outliers that are hidden in visitor data. He was also responsible for the global rollout of ecommerce for The Body Shop

Learn More

Eric Siu


Eric is the CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain and the founder of the entrepreneurial podcast, Growth Everywhere. He was previously the head of growth at online education startup Treehouse and contributes to Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Time Magazine and more.

Learn More

Spencer Haws

6 Figure Amazon Seller

Spencer is the founder of the widely used keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro. In addition, he blogs and podcasts at about SEO strategies, building niche sites, and the success of his recent Amazon FBA business.

Learn More

Daniel Solid

CEO @ SolidStrategic
7 Figure Amazon Seller

A seasoned Amazon seller and ecommerce strategist, Daniel specializes in product selection, sourcing & packaging, and launching profitable private label products sold on Amazon. He leads a virtual team in the Philippines, China, and the USA that runs the operations side of his business so he can focus on strategy.

Learn More

Andreea Ayers

Publicity & Media Expert

Andreea Ayers opened her first product-based business selling inspirational t-shirts in 2007 which went on to sell over 20,000 tees in over 300 stores in the United States and around the world, with 6-figure sales just 18 months by leveraging free publicity in magazines and the media

Learn More

Autumn Wyda

7 Figure Store Owner

A specialist in online selling, design, and photography, Autumn has utilized both her technical and creative sides to build a 7 figure e-commerce business. In addition to selling through, Autumn is also a top seller on and manages a semi-virtual team of employees.

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Ben Turcotte
Digital Marketing Expert

An executive broker at and former account manager at Social Fulcrum, Ben has managed millions of dollars of ad spend for large, multi-million dollar companies. Today, Ben leverages his experiences in the digital marketing space to help investors maximize the value of their acquisitions

Learn More

Jeff Cohen

Partner @ Seller Labs
14 Year eCommerce Veteran

Jeff and his partners at Seller Labs started with a 7-figure Amazon business and turned it into a software company which serves thousands of Amazon sellers who did over 2.3 billion in 3rd party sales in 2015. Seller Labs was named #1 Young Tech Start Up in Atlanta for 2015.

Learn More

Jared Stark
Stark Business Law LLC

Jared is a business attorney for startups and ecommerce entrepreneurs. He founded Stark Business Law PLLC, where he dedicates his practice to helping people start, grow, and protect their businesses online.

Learn More

Pam Cail
Freight Forwarder/Logistics Specialist

With over 30 years in the logistics industry, Pam Cail now leads one of the oldest Broker/Freight Forwarding firms in the country, founded in 1948. Pam recognized the growth in the E-Commerce industry early, and established a specialized team in her organization dedicated to the E-Comm customer.

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Grand Opening Party
Hands-On Business Workshops
All Demos + Expert Panels
Access to Speakers & Case-Studies
Incredible Networking Opportunities
Lunch On Main Event Days
Access To Nightly Parties
Hang out with speakers @ Night



Grand Opening Party
Hands-On Business Workshops
All Demos + Expert Panels
Access to Speakers & Case-Studies
Incredible Networking Opportunities
Lunch On Main Event Days
Access To Nightly Parties
Hang Out With Speakers @ Night

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The full conference schedule is still under development. Please refer to this outline when making travel arrangements.

Thursday, May 19

5pm - 7pm Registration Open

7pm - 10pm Grand Opening Party (open bar)

Friday, May 20

8am - 9am Registration Open

9am - 5pm Workshops

7:00pm - 10:00 Mixer (open bar)

Saturday, May 21

8:30am - 9:30am Breakfast (VIP ticket only)

9:30am - 5:30pm Workshops

6pm - 8pm Dinner with Speakers (VIP ticket only)

8pm - 11pm Closing Party (open bar)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the Sellers Summit?

The Sellers Summit is on Thursday, May 19th in Miami, FL. The event takes place at the Westin Colonnade Coral Gables at 180 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

How many tickets are for sale?

Only 100 tickets. The conference is designed to be small and intimate with the intention of creating a better learning experience and fostering deeper relationships.

Who should attend?

This conference is for you if you want to start a physical products based ecommerce business or if you already have an existing ecommerce business that you want to grow. There will be two tracks that will cover both beginners and advanced sellers.

Is this conference about selling on Amazon or running your own shop?

Both. In this day and age, you really have to be selling on Amazon in addition to owning your own platform. As a result, the conference will cover advanced topics for both.

Do I need to bring a printout of the ticket I purchased?


When should I arrive?

Plan to arrive in the afternoon on Thursday, May 19. Registration opens at 5pm.

Are tickets refundable or transferrable?

If you buy a ticket but can't go, you can transfer them to a friend. We aren't giving refunds, but we can try to help you sell your ticket if you can't make it for some reason.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Toni at